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E&TW_COVERThe latest BB&R Press book – traditional and eBook – is Exploring & Tasting Wine: A Wine Course with Digressions. It is by the Berry Bros & Rudd Wine School: it reflects the Wine School’s unique expertese in teaching people, of all ages and levels of knowledge, about the joys of wine.

This 240-page book takes the reader on a journey. Starting with how to taste wine, it gradually introduces the key grape varieties and wine regions, with optional digressions and discussions along the way, leading the reader further into the world of wine today.

Head of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Wine School, Rebecca Lamont, explains the approach of the book is simple, elegant and intelligent: it never talks down. “To enjoy this book, you need only one qualification: you enjoy wine. Whether you have just discovered this (the course assumes no prior knowledge) or whether you have simply never had time to pull together your knowledge, we can prove to you that anyone can be a good taster.

Groundbreaking graphics help convey the scent, taste and all-important balance of the wine in your glass. Designed by Lizzie Ballantyne, innovative ‘targets’ provide a visual representation of the different elements at play in wine. Christopher Foulkes, who led the editorial team, says: “In 30-plus years of publishing wine books, this is the nearest we have come to conveying the taste and character of wine on the page in graphic form.

This book reflects the experience and passions of the expert team at Berry Bros. & Rudd, the London wine merchant that has traded from the same shop in St Jame’s Street since 1698. Although the backbone of the book is a tasting course, it also includes articles by BB&R’s Masters of Wine and other experts on the history of wine, as well as the latest thinking, fashions and debates taking place among winemakers today.

Exploring & Tasting Wine: A Wine Course with Digressions is available priced £30.00 from The digital book is on sale on the iBook Store priced £14.99/US$18.99/€20.99: Click the link to the iBooks Store:

iBooks Store

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