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Announcing ‘Inside Bordeaux’


Jane Anson: photo courtesy Decanter

Berry Bros. & Rudd Press is delighted to announce it has commissioned wine writer Jane Anson, and is working with her to produce an innovative new guide to the wines of Bordeaux.

Following  Jasper Morris MW’s classic Inside Burgundy in 2010, and the multi-award-winning Exploring and Tasting Wine: a wine course with digressions in 2015, Inside Bordeaux will be the third book from the publishing arm of Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant.

Inside Bordeaux will offer the most up to date and authoritative study on this fascinating region. Author Jane Anson is described by John Stimpfig at Decanter magazine as ‘the world’s most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux – bar none’.

The 480-page book will profile more than 600 châteaux in 65 appellations, providing insight into the people, the techniques and the philosophies that shape the wines.

But the book will also take readers beyond what they already think they know about Bordeaux.  Jane Anson draws upon recent – and literally ground-breaking – research by experts at the University of Bordeaux to profile the terroir of key châteaux and appellations. This research, some of it as yet unpublished, will give readers a vital key  into which wines will excel in which years.

Jane Anson comments: “With this book, I want to move away from the usual chateau/classification/appellation approach, and explore instead Bordeaux as it stands today, giving a fresh exploration of what is changing in a region that continues to fascinate wine-lovers the world over. 

“The book will offer an insight into how the most established names are evolving and pushing quality ever further, as well as an introduction to up and coming estates and the growth of trends such as biodynamic viticulture and terroir-led winemaking. I’m particularly excited about working with the region’s most renowned terroir experts to create new maps to showcase a subject that is just not talked about often enough when it comes to Bordeaux, and to help readers make clever buying decisions by matching soils and production style to the type of vintage, showing how to find value outside of the usual names.”

The announcement coincides with the annual en primeur tastings, when the world’s wine trade descends on France’s best-known region.

Inside Bordeaux is scheduled for publication in autumn 2019.

Jasper Morris MW is currently working on the second edition of his award-winning Inside Burgundy for BB&R Press.

13 comments on “Announcing ‘Inside Bordeaux’

  1. Peer Draheim
    May 28, 2020

    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to receive a copy (or better 2) of Jane Anson’s new book “Inside Bordeaux”. How can I get it? Would it be possible to order it via you ? A passionate Bordeaux and Burgundy lover from Frankfurt/ Germany. Many thanks in advance. With kind regards, Peer Draheim ( Stephanstr.18, 60313 Frankfurt/M. GER)

  2. segravefoulkespublishers
    May 28, 2020

    Good morning, thank you for your kind message. Your best plan for the moment is to order from, the big French on-line bookstore. They will have stock of Inside Bordeaux by early next week, and can deliver anywhere in Europe. We hope to set up a German stockist soon, but the pandemic has disrupted quite a lot of our logistical and commercial plans. For instance, we printed the book in Northern Italy and it got mixed up in the lockdown. Get in touch again if you have any problems. Thanks, Christopher Foulkes
    The Mollat page is:

  3. Peer Draheim
    May 28, 2020

    Dear Christopher,

    many thanks for your very quick reply.

    I¹ll try to order it from Mollat.

    Many thanks again and have a good day

    Best regards,


  4. David Wylie
    June 3, 2020

    Hi there. As an absolute lover of Jasper Morris’s book Inside Burgundy, and his complimentary recommendations to get Inside Bordeaux, can I ask the best way to get the book sent to Australia please? I am a signed up member of BB&R.

  5. segravefoulkespublishers
    June 3, 2020

    Hello David, glad that you have seen Jasper’s message. If you contact Nick’s Wine Merchants ( they will be able to help you buy Inside Bordeaux. They have placed an order, and the books are on their way. As you can imagine, freight is taking longer than usual, and the books were printed in Italy, so I can’t be sure when they will get to Australia. When it does arrive, we hope you enjoy it. And by the way, Jasper is working hard on the Second Edition of Inside Burgundy, due next year. Best wishes, Chris Foulkes, BB&R Press

  6. Irene Matthews
    June 4, 2020

    Where can I purchase Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson

  7. segravefoulkespublishers
    June 4, 2020

    Where on the planet are you? Different answers for different places…. Let me know, best wishes Chris

  8. Christopher Imrie
    June 4, 2020

    Good day. I wish to piurchase a copy for perusal. London, UK based. Regards, Christopher

  9. segravefoulkespublishers
    June 4, 2020

    Hello, have replied via email, thanks CF

  10. Antonio Bunster Zegers
    June 9, 2020

    Hi, any chance of shipping the book to Chile? Thanks

  11. segravefoulkespublishers
    June 10, 2020

    Thanks for your message.
    Sorry, but we do not have a distributor in Chile. The way we publish is to sell direct to wine-lovers, via the websites of Berry Bros. & Rudd in the UK and those of similar wine-trade companies in other countries. In the USA, for example, this is Sotheby’s New York, but I’m afraid we have no South America partner as yet.
    This works well – it reaches winelovers more efficiently than general bookshops. Creating such a book is a big investment in money and time, as you will appreciate, so we do not sell through discounters such as Amazon!
    Berry Bros. will ship to you in Chile but at a high cost, due to the weight of the book: 2.5 Kilos. It is also sold through Librarie Mollat, in Bordeaux (see here ): you could check in case they have a cheaper shipping rate.
    We hope you manages to get a copy of Inside Bordeaux and that you enjoy it.
    Best wishes,
    Chris Foulkes

  12. Elle Preston
    January 26, 2021

    Hi, I’d like to order a copy, I’m based in Australia, how can I order it?
    Thanks, Elle

  13. segravefoulkespublishers
    January 26, 2021

    Hi Elle, Thanks for your message. We have two stockists in Australia: Nick’s Wines and Airoldi. Nick’s seem to be out of stock at the moment, but Airoldi have some copies. Here is the link: Their phone is +61 407 856 334. If you have any problems get straight back to us. We hope you enjoy Inside Bordeaux. Chris Foulkes

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